Florida Sell By Owner

How it works


Get your value

Simply search your address to see the value of your home. Every home is unique so adjust your value based on condition and features and set your price.


Create Your Listing Profile

Tell us about your home through simple drop down questions, set your showing preference and your seller dashboard begins to come alive


Get Great Photos

Schedule your professional photos* and or upload your own


Select your selling options

You can choose to list for a Flat Fee, or Full representation at 1%,  list on our website for FREE, MLS Bid (auction), or list and receive Cash Offers.


Sign and lockbox
Order your gorgeous Yard Siggn and if you choose a Lockbox to have everyone driving by know your property is for sale, and to control the flow of showings you will definetly have



With our tools and the power of the MLS your property will be exposed to hundreds of websites related to Real Estate like Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, Homes.com, Redfin, and more…



Get real-time alerts via Text and Email when every offer is submitted. We sill assist you in reviewing the offers and you can also counter and/or accept on the spot.


Contract to closing

Our Closing Assistance* team handles all contracts. We follow up with lenders, buyer agents, and all parties involved to ensure your transaction closes on time.


Post Closing

We will make sure you receive your escrows back, and if you are looking to purchase a new property, we will definitely help you with that!

You will receive an email with confirmation and login information. Our staff will contact you for details about your listing. In less than 24 hours your listing will be published to MLS and all major Real Estate websites. You can review your listing and request changes at any time. If you have any questions during the login process, call us at 954.861.0020 or email us at support@floridaflatfeehomes.com
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